New weird/unexpected “Get Windows 10” icon in your system tray, What it means

If you see this it is legit, read on to know what it means.

Get Windows 10 Icon in System Tray
Get Windows 10 Icon in System Tray

(This is legit)


Some of you may be seeing a new icon in the lower right of your home computer screen, don’t worry this is not a virus, malware or spyware but actually Microsoft informing you that you can get a FREE upgrade of your windows to Windows 10 their soon to be released new Operating System.


You will not see this on your work computer due to the fact we are on a business network and things like this are managed by the Administrators of the Network (like Travis and I).


What does it mean for you at home?

  • You can get a free upgrade of your operating system within the first year that Windows 10 is released.
    1. July 29th Microsoft will release Windows 10 the latest Windows Operating system
    2. If you choose to upgrade within a year of that date you can get Windows 10 for free
    3. If you upgrade during that period of time you will NOT be required to pay for it later, it will remain on your computer for free as long as you own that computer
    4. You will be opted into taking every update that Microsoft pushes out for windows without being able to deny patches, this is the price of free
      1. In my opinion this should not be a problem, unpatched computers tend to be a bigger problem so automatically updating your computer should be a good thing
  • Accepting this offer will get you access to the new software July 29th
    1. I am not sure of the specifics on this, but it appears that they will make the upgrade available to all the people who opt in using this Icon
    2. You are also supposed to be able to access some method of doing a FULL (fresh, clean) install, again I am not sure of the details on this yet
  • You can ignore this Icon for now or forever if you want
    1. This is an offer, not a requirement
    2. You have 1 year to decide whether you want to take the free offer, though I wouldn’t wait for July 29th 2016 to decide
    3. You can disable this icon, but the method is not exactly easy
      1. I think over time, someone will develop an easier method to remove the icon

My Opinion:

I think this is a great offer by Microsoft.  I have been running a preview version of Windows 10 and like it, but keep in mind this is my business to work with software.  I like how it brings back some of the desktop workability to windows that Windows 8 took away.  The biggest thing I like is the return of the “Start Menu”, when you click the windows icon in the lower left of the screen you get that familiar list of programs (though it looks very different).  Windows 10 Start Menu has the tiles right in the Start menu, so it can be useful if you know how to configure and use those live tiles.

Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 10 Start Menu

If you are not a techie and don’t like a lot of change I would not upgrade right away, unless you are struggling with Windows 8.  If you consider yourself a techie or are tired of not having a real start menu in Windows 8/8.1 then perhaps you should consider this upgrade fairly soon.  I would expect when Windows 10 becomes available there may be some hiccups so if you are not one that wants to be on the bleeding edge maybe wait a week or two to see if there are any huge problems.  I have not seen any huge problems with the early release that is available for testing, so it may be perfectly fine when it goes live.

For those of you who might be slower to upgrade, I would seriously consider how long you plan to keep your current computer.  If you plan to have this computer for another year or more I would consider upgrading to Windows 10 likely around September/October once more people are using it and bugs have been worked out more.  I can give better advice once we get to that time and I have more experience and answers to questions.

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